Katie Vanderloos

I am Katie Vanderloos, Owner/Instructor.  Throughout my classes, you should expect an intense workout filled with a combination of Core Strength, Vinyasa-Based Flows, Balancing, and Beginner to Advanced poses/modifications.  Fitness has always been a focal part of my life, ranging from dance all the way to weight lifting and everything in between.  My passion for yoga first developed in college when I thought I was just enrolling in an easy 2 Credit Course. 15 years later, I am still hooked and take deep pride in the constant evolution of my practice. My Certifications include Core Power Yoga (Yoga Alliance) and Ultra Barre 1 and Ultra Barre Advanced.  However, when I am not practicing, I am spending quality time with my husband and three children, fancifying my clients at Black Orchid Beaty, and traveling as much as possible.


Callie Feakin

Hi All! My name is Callie. My classes are best described as playful and lighthearted with a focus on mindfulness, alignment and self-exploration. Drawing inspiration from the world around me, themes of nature and the natural elements can often be found throughout my teaching. I aim to create a fun, safe environment for people to let go of inhibitions and challenge themselves physically and emotionally. 

For me, yoga is a journey to connect with our deepest, most authentic selves. As we start to strengthen that connection, we are able to look outside of ourselves and celebrate in the joys and wonder of the world around us. My Yoga practice includes 500HR Yoga Alliance RYT and Aerial Yoga Level 1 & Level 2.

When I am not on my mat, you will be sure to find me adventuring year-round in the mountains, drawing inspiration from the vast landscape of Montana and Yellowstone National Park.


James Lewis

My high-energy Spin and CycleCore classes help members achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle, encompassing all aspects of health and wellness! I have an extensive background in coaching, Group fitness, Team Training, and Personal training. Formally, my Certifications include NCCPT (National Council of Certified Personal Trainers), Cycling Instructor, TRX, Functional exercise progression for female clients, CPR and AED Certified. When not instructing at Black Orchid, my other interests include running long distance, and swimming.


Taya Keith

Hello, my name is Taya! My classes are taught in hopes of creating a personal experience that cultivates peace and harmony in both your mind and body. I aim to create an environment in which you feel positively about what you are able to do, but also to challenge your body for anything you strive for. Each time we meet the challenge of new poses, persevering through discomfort or experiencing muscular and emotional sensations, we express appreciation toward our bodies. 

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years, and continue to love the practice and thrive on the changes that my mind and body experience. I have been through some very hard times in my life but have discovered so many things to be deeply grateful for. Yoga is the place to find my center, leave stress or worries at the door, and solely enjoy MY time.  I am trained and Certified through Core Power Yoga. 

When I’m not practicing yoga, I’m spending my time with my family. My amazing Girlfriend, and our five kids keep me insanely busy! We ride horses, play every sport under the sun and love life to the fullest!


Amanda Yarbrough

From my class you can expect a well-rounded variety of yoga essentials, including breathing awareness, balance, deep stretching, core work, and discovering mental clarity.     

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been a top priority for me.  I have an extensive background in team sports/dance, but Yoga has been the game-changer for me.  It has completely transformed me, both physically and mentally, and I would not be the person I am today without this practice. I have been practicing yoga for 4 years and am now a formally certified Core Power Yoga Instructor. 

It’s incredible to me how yoga calms the mind and focuses your attention, in as little as ten minutes a day!  This daily practice brings a new awareness to your body and soul, as well as a total feeling of empowerment.  I love leading both new and seasoned yogis through an ever- evolving practice!

However, if I’m not on my mat, you can find me outdoors with my family. We enjoy anything from camping, hiking and floating the river to long road trips through Montana’s Majestic countryside.



My name is Clayton and I have been a student of Yoga since 2004 and have been a wanderer ever since.  Wandering has led me to practice yoga at studios from Richmond, VA to Oahu, HI gaining perspectives from both classical yoga lineages as well as modern yoga styles.  Yoga has been incorporated into so many aspects of my life and goes beyond my time on the mat.  Teachers that have left the most impression on my journey include Sharon Fletcher; Jess Trudeau of Painted Bird Yoga; Cathy Louise Broda of Purple Yoga; and Ty Landrum, Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman of The Yoga Workshop.  I have been honored for the last six years to periodically teach at various studios within the Billings community.  My formal training consists of 300 RYT certification from Limber Tree Studio as well as Yoga Intensives at The Yoga Workshop in Boulder, CO. 

Karen Pearson

Hi.  My name is Karen.  My yoga classes are great for the beginner as well as anyone trying to heal from an injury. However, ALL poses can be taken to the next level to challenge YOU!!  I teach Hatha style yoga from the Ghosh Lineage. All ages are welcome in my classes. I truly believe yoga can heal the mind, body and spirit. Stepping on to your mat is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  I received my training with Tony Sanchez at the Yogic Physical Culture Academy. I am also a personal trainer and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I am the co-founder of the Adaptive Performance Center, a fitness facility for veterans.  I love arts and crafts and have a wonderful son that makes my life complete.

Lisa Martinez

I'm Lisa Left-Eye Martinez!  I teach spin/cycle at Black Orchid and my classes are the total experience!  You should expect a LOUD, high-intensity and fast paced 30 minutes of cardio crushing hills, turns and dips! I have been a cycle instructor for over 12 years and am decorated with certifications.  They include Mad Dogg, Les Mills, Barre and Ultra Barre as well as AFAA Group Fitness Instructor Certified. My love of cycling was inspired by my family and 12 years later, I am still Rockin it out.  After having children, I just needed something that restored my identity and made me feel whole again. Cycling filled that void for me and it has been a game changer. I think Spinning is the best 30 minute workout that you can find and would challenge anyone to come to my classes, regardless of your skill level.

When I'm not at Black Orchid, I am coaching Cross Country Track at Central High School, beautifying my clients (cosmetology) and spending time with my family.  


Cara Gunhild

Hi, my name is Cara Gunhild. I’m a Montana native who grew up in Seattle and returned home to enjoy a more balanced life. 

When taking my class, expect an eclectic mix of power vinyasa, creative sequencing, inspired music, and humor all weaved together seamlessly with teachings from the deeper dimensions of yoga. I am truly in love with this practice and this life and I hope that is reflected when I teach. 

My yoga journey began more than 10 years ago in a Bikram studio, but when I stepped into a Baptiste Power Yoga studio, I knew I’d come home. I completed my first 200 hours of training with Baron Baptiste in 2010 and my 300 hour advanced teacher training with the amazing Jess Trudeau of Painted Bird Yoga in 2018. Along the way, I’ve been a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and a Birth Doula. Combining my love of yoga and the birth world has put me in the perfect position to lead many prenatal yoga workshops and class series. 

When I’m not teaching yoga you’ll find me living my best life. That includes traveling, planning retreats and concert series, enjoying amazing music, connecting with like-minded individuals, and enjoying my two beautiful daughters.


Katy Weprin

Katy is a Los Angeles native, who’s source of Pilates and fitness inspiration draws from dancing and a balanced lifestyle. As a fully certified Pilates Method Alliance and Balanced Body Education Pilates and Barre instructor, Katy enjoys constantly learning about her craft to help her students grow to their own full potential. Some of her specializations include pre- and post- natal programming and modified sequences for improving back ailments and spinal pathologies. Katy strives to be known as someone that helps people feel freedom in their bodies and teaches a fitness method that celebrates our differences. Most importantly, she believes that improving one person’s wellbeing can positively impact the entire community. If you’re looking to spark a convo after one of her classes, she loves her sassy cat named Athena, camping, running, and loves a smaller city vibe!


Peter Vanderloos

Hello! I am Peter Vanderloos, Owner/ Instructor.  My students expect a hard-core workout, consisting of strength, sweat and an elite collection of exceptional music! My classes accommodate all shapes, genders, ages and styles of yoga, as long as you are prepared for INTENSITY! My passion for both Music and Yoga creates a powerful dynamic that is systematically conveyed in each class.  Once upon a time, a friend bet me that I couldn't make it through a 60-minute yoga class....Being a fierce competitor, I did make it through, but my life was instantly altered by that experience. That one class redefined YOGA for me and redirected my path to where I am now.  I am a Soul Cycle-Inspired Spin teacher and incorporate much of their beliefs into my spinning classes.  Now 15 years into my practice, my Certifications include Core Power Yoga (Yoga Alliance), Gears through AFAA, Ultra Barre 1, Ultra Barre Advanced, NASM, ISSA, ACE Certified (Personal Training), and over 2000 hours taught between Yoga+Spin instructing.  When I'm not at Black Orchid, you can find me enjoying time with my lovely bride, Katie and our three children, golfing, fly fishing or rooting for the Dallas Cowboys.


Amy Berger

Hi, my name is Amy Berger. I teach cycle classes at Black Orchid.  It is a quick 30-minute intense workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat and its all set to great music.  I will jumpstart your day, teaching the 5 AM Cycle classes.

I am passionate about healthy living and I have dedicated the last 25 years to doing this! I believe you have to walk the talk.  Exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. I love coaching and helping people in their walk towards that healthy lifestyle.  

I have been a certified fitness instructor since 1992.  I've held certifications in Group Fitness, Cardio KickBox, Cycling, Personal Training, and Yoga.  I am a certified nutrition and functional medicine consultant. I have over 25 years in the fitness and wellness industry, and have done everything from managing health clubs to running wellness centers and multidisciplinary practices.  One of my jobs is to travel the entire state of Montana training wellness practitioners in nutrition protocols.

In my spare time, I love to be outdoors, whether that is working in my yard, hiking, snow shoeing or fly fishing.  I love to spend time with my two kids, Liam (20) and Ammra (18). I also enjoy cooking and being with my husband Paul.  


Stevie Robinson

Hey, I'm Stevie! Please join me in a creative vinyasa flow that is all-level designed to drop into the body and calm the mind. Also, check out my Spin+Yasa class that will get your heart pumping with a vigorous Tabata-style Spin class, followed by a core-strengthening vinyasa flow.

My passion for yoga stems from the 8 limbs, which I practice and use for my recovery. I'm a big fan of Pranayama, which can help us drop further into our Asana practice. I love all styles of yoga, mostly vinyasa flow, but I am a big fan of cultivating the opposite with Yin (a restorative practice). My formal Certifications include: 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA certified Yoga instructor, G.E.A.R Cycling Certified.

When I am not on my mat, snowboarding is a major part of who I am. I also train for half marathons and spend my Summer weekends hiking and adventuring new trails. I love doing mission work and taking my paddle-board to the lake to practice yoga. Overall, I just enjoy learning new things & having human moments with individuals within our community.  I have a yellow lab named Roxanne, who is my side-kick.


Tania Klein

Hi!  My name is Tania Stevens-Klein.  I lead classes that focus on what is best for each person’s body.  I use a variety of flows to help everyone achieve optimal health and happiness.  I offer modifications for all levels. My classes foster an atmosphere that is encouraging for everyone to do exactly what is best for them with each breath. 

I believe that our health and happiness is in our own hands.  Thus my love of yoga.  I believe that the practice of yoga is magical!  It can help us grow in mind, body, and spirit.  By living our yoga we can make ourselves, and our world, happier and healthier.  

I have been a teacher for more than twenty years.  I have taught, and still teach, many things; ballet, swimming, elementary school, college courses, research-based courses on physical activity and diet, preschool, and of course yoga.  I have been an avid yogi for over 15 years and teaching yoga for seven years.  I earned my 200+ RYT certification from Yogamotion.   When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family; fantastic kiddos, my fabulous hubby, and puppy.  I love learning and trying new things especially books, beaches, wine, and food.  


Wendy Kessler

In my classes, expect a HOT, high-energy, fast paced and intense workout.  While I tend to favor Vinyasa flows and Shape-focused (weighted) classes, I love teaching and taking any classes in the hot room and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Black Orchid Family. I have been an AFAA certified group fitness instructor for 8 years and have been teaching yoga for the last 4 with a 200+ hour Yoga Alliance Certification and Ultra Barre certification.  

When not practicing or teaching, I love on my two young sons, manage another local business and run as much as my old legs will allow~~while also trying to sprinkle adequate doses of sarcasm across the land.


Alexis Bonogofsky

Hello, Alexis here.  In my classes, I tend to focus on proper alignment, posture and steady breathing. My goal is to cultivate a sustainable yoga practice that helps people of all levels become stronger and more flexible in the body, but also that strengthens and disciplines the mind.  

I have been practicing yoga since 2010 and had been teaching since early 2014. My formal training and certification was by Tony Sanchez under the Bishnu Ghosh Hatha Yoga Lineage. It is my belief that the most advanced yogi is not necessarily the most flexible or the strongest but the one who is most able to control their breath. I love to teach beginners as well as students exploring more advanced postures.

When not teaching/practicing, I stay busy! I I'm a published writer/ podcaster/blogger, hunter, photographer, farmer and even a political enthusiast.


Tara Williamson 

In my classes, you can expect a dedication to creative flows, coupled with strength and endurance. My classes are naturally geared to more advanced yogis, but I cater to all levels.  I am a Montana native who has practiced yoga for 10 years in Portland, OR. I have traveled around the world practicing yoga in Africa, Russia, Thailand, Mongolia, and the Czech Republic, but I've returned to my Montana roots! 

I am the Program Administrator for a local non profit that is interested in the benefits of yoga for people who have experienced trauma. Having had back surgery when I was younger and then a broken back after a rock climbing incident several years ago, I am personally invested in the restorative affects of yoga.  I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and I am now a formally certified Core Power Instructor.

When not honing my practice, I am a pillar in the recovery and non-profit communities, a large scale artist/muralist and a very proud mother to 3 terribly behaved fur babies. 


YungBen & Dixie Yelvington

Hello, my name is YungBen Yelvington and I teach partner yoga, acrobatic yoga, and Thai (massage) yoga with my wife, Dixie Yelvington. I teach restorative, power, and aerial yoga, mindfulness and meditation to adults and children. My personal practice and classes seek to connect mind, body, breath and balance. We encourage our students to find the edge of learning, stillness, breath and discomfort (without pain). Our classes can bring a deep sense of challenge--then calm, stillness, and rejuvenation.  

I started doing yoga in high school while treating injuries from martial arts, cross-country, track and marathon training. I gradually started doing more yoga and less of the other activities. I am now a Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Bungee Fit instructor and Reiki level 3 practitioner.  Dixie has studied partner and acrobatic yoga with the Lift School of Acrobatics taught by Aaron Lind and Christine Moonbeam. We have experience in the teaching of philosophy, economics, swimming, fencing, aikido, tae kwon do and barefoot running.

My wife and I are parents and together, we run a mobile aerial fitness and performance business! Our business performs Cirque du Soleil-style aerial acrobatics and we are also members of several of the Local Yoga groups and organizations.