Terms & Policies


Liability Waiver 

I agree that I am able to participate in a physical exercise program and acknowledge the various hazards and risks associated with it. I understand that I should inform my instructor and/or stop exercising immediately if I detect any discomfort of any sort during the course of the exercise program. I understand that these classes entail intensive physical activity and are often conducted in a heated room of up to 109 degrees Fahrenheit. The response of the circulatory system (ie. heart, lungs) to exercise cannot always be predicted accurately, therefore I understand that there is a risk of certain changes occurring during exercise or following. I knowingly, voluntarily and forever waive any rights/claims that I may have against Black Orchid Yoga+Cycle, (Black Orchid LLC or any premises at which it may operate) it's Landlord, Principals, and/or its instructors with regard to any injuries or damages that I might receive as a result of my participation in this program. I have carefully read this agreement and I am aware this is a release of liability.