Black Orchid Yoga, what a joy it is! I’ve been going for 3 years & I enjoy the great, clean facility. The instructors are consistently bringing fresh ideas to the classes. Even during my yoga challenging days, I’ve always had a great experience. I always tell my friends that Black Orchid Yoga is like going to church, the best part is:

I always walk away with something.

Katie and Peter Vanderloos have driven the Yoga/Spin into a fresh new direction. I’m a fan of Black Orchid and I’m looking to many more great years.
— Steve Banderman

Whatever you think you know about yoga –SCRATCH that and start over, because Black Orchid has COMPLETELY redesigned it!

I joined Black Orchid in July, coming from a background of various sports, many different gyms and even Crossfit. In every Hot yoga class, I am able to find a mental peace combined with SUCH a physical push! Walking out into the lobby drenched and dripping in sweat, fills me with more pride than you can even imagine. Every day, I am gifted a nice little hour-long escape from my own mind. (I am a single mom, so my mind is a constant balancing act, as you can imagine!)

My very favorite part about Black Orchid is experiencing all of the different personalities, training techniques and music, just by selecting a different teachers classes! There are NO cookie cutter workouts here!! The physical push is always Katie’s (owner/instructor) voice in my ear telling me “Your body is stronger than you think!” Gotta love those planks! Black Orchid Yoga+Spin is the icing on the cake!
— MaNessa Downey

Black Orchid has changed my LIFE!! As a regular Big Box gym-goer, the experience has always been less-than-special. There has never been a personal connection in those facilities. At Black Orchid, Peter and Katie have perfected the personal connection. They have created The Guns and Roses of Yoga Studios!” They are the absolute BEST! The classes always offer a challenge, while never feeling impossible. Black Orchid features the best instructors and the best MUSIC, hands DOWN! I recommend them 10 times out of 10!
— Hayley Venneman

My name is Jenna Bauers, and I am 31 years old. Although seeing my age being written now, it might be the first time I’ve accepted it! I enjoy spending my days in the world of being a #boymom to the goofiest 8 year old. Google it, the struggle is real! By night I manage a pretty awesome local bar/restaurant, The Vig. All the extra time between these two, which let’s be honest, can be hard to find, is spent enjoying Montana, my tribe, my family, and continuing my growth in the practice of yoga. I was introduced to Black Orchid through a friend Wendy, who is also an instructor. We did Monday mornings with Katie every week for a couple months. I knew I was hooked. It offered a sense of physical (yeah thanks for the abs!) and emotional growth of self I had never experienced. To offer you a bit of genuineness to understand what I mean by personal growth I’ll let you in on my own. I have suffered through the loss of my mother, my brother, my husband and father of my son, all to suicide. My wish is to reach out and help, even if it’s one single person, to know there is so much beauty and purpose in life. So take that extra step to care for yourself. You are worth it!
— Jennifer M. Bauers