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Yoga + Cycle
"I cried afterwards in the arms of an amazing friend"
I took a cycling class in 2022 and instantly fell in love. I cried afterwards in the arms of an amazing friend, it was such an experience. Black Orchid offers a community, life coaches, inspirational and motivational speakers. Their classes are like none other. This place IS a vibe and my only regret is not finding them sooner! - Hanna, 33
"ready to head back out into the world refreshed"
Black Orchid is the place I come to focus solely on myself and how I am feeling in the moment and to move with nowhere to be but in the moment. By the end of the flow, I have usually shaken off my stress and am ready to head back out into the world refreshed. – Jared
"a place to calm my mind and shape my body"
Mind, body & family. As a busy mom with small children, to have time for all three requires serious multitasking. This community provides my life extra balance with a place to calm my mind and shape my body all while my kids are loving their time with Little Orchids. The instructors and classmates hold a special place in my soul. – Audrey, 36
"recognize hard work and dedication"
This is an environment where the instructors treat you like family and set you up for success. They encourage you to be your best version of yourself and recognize hard work and dedication. I love being a member of their family. I’m the most active I’ve ever been and I’ve found a passion for a healthier lifestyle. – Corinne, 28
"you are part of something bigger"
Black Orchid is the bomb! You won’t find a better community that is not only supportive but fun and family oriented! They make you feel like you are part of something bigger than just a gym. Love it here and love all the people that keep me coming back! – Brianna, 26
"I was surrounded by the most amazing community"
When I joined Black Orchid 2 years ago, I did so with the hopes of adding exercise into my wellness journey. From my very first class, I was surrounded by the most amazing community of people both instructors and fellow members who supported me and encouraged me to continue on my journey, and that support and encouragement has extended outside the studio walls. This past year, Black Orchid became my sanctuary and literally brought me back to life. – Kristin
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