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From mild to hot – we have something for every yogi. Join us in the Inferno Room for the hottest sweat session at 105-106°. For a more mild heat, check out a class in our Heaven Room, where temperatures range from 95° to 100°.

Available for purchase:

  • Rental mat: $2
  • Rental towel: $2
  • Water/Energy Drink: $3

We’re coming in hot with a 45-minute cycle experience you can’t get anywhere else. Each class is uniquely designed to challenge you to move faster – push harder – and leave it all on the bike. Our cycle room – Arena – is complete with lights, 85° heat, and a state-of-the-art sound system.

  • Bikes are SPD clip compatible
  • Bring clean, indoor sneakers or take advantage of our rental options
  • All rides are all-level with modifications for new and experienced riders

Available for purchase:

  • SPD shoe rental: $3
  • Water/Energy Drink: $3

A combination of yoga, resistance training, and strength training, our shape classes keep members coming back for more. Flow with the music – and flex those muscles – all while keeping it hot. Weights, resistance bands and blocks supplied.

Available for purchase:

  • Rental mat: $2 each
  • Rental towel: $2 each
  • Water/Energy Drink: $3
"I cried afterwards in the arms of an amazing friend"
I took a cycling class in 2022 and instantly fell in love. I cried afterwards in the arms of an amazing friend, it was such an experience. Black Orchid offers a community, life coaches, inspirational and motivational speakers. Their classes are like none other. This place IS a vibe and my only regret is not finding them sooner! - Hanna, 33
"ready to head back out into the world refreshed"
Black Orchid is the place I come to focus solely on myself and how I am feeling in the moment and to move with nowhere to be but in the moment. By the end of the flow, I have usually shaken off my stress and am ready to head back out into the world refreshed. – Jared
"a place to calm my mind and shape my body"
Mind, body & family. As a busy mom with small children, to have time for all three requires serious multitasking. This community provides my life extra balance with a place to calm my mind and shape my body all while my kids are loving their time with Little Orchids. The instructors and classmates hold a special place in my soul. – Audrey, 36
"recognize hard work and dedication"
This is an environment where the instructors treat you like family and set you up for success. They encourage you to be your best version of yourself and recognize hard work and dedication. I love being a member of their family. I’m the most active I’ve ever been and I’ve found a passion for a healthier lifestyle. – Corinne, 28
"you are part of something bigger"
Black Orchid is the bomb! You won’t find a better community that is not only supportive but fun and family oriented! They make you feel like you are part of something bigger than just a gym. Love it here and love all the people that keep me coming back! – Brianna, 26
"I was surrounded by the most amazing community"
When I joined Black Orchid 2 years ago, I did so with the hopes of adding exercise into my wellness journey. From my very first class, I was surrounded by the most amazing community of people both instructors and fellow members who supported me and encouraged me to continue on my journey, and that support and encouragement has extended outside the studio walls. This past year, Black Orchid became my sanctuary and literally brought me back to life. – Kristin
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Anita Yampradit

Anita teaches vinyasa based yoga, matching breath to movement. She loves using flows and sequences that will take you out of your head, and into your body, moving all over your mat. With an eclectic music selection from vibey alternative to rap and reggae, vibes are sure to be high.

Alayna Riis

Alayna is a longtime student of the flow who is thrilled to bring her style, learned from Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa, to Black Orchid.  Her goal is to help students drop their modern mind in order to experience the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga movement meditation.

Grace Gregory

Grace uses her experience in the military to lead a class that will have you both pushing yourself – and having a blast. She uses her passion for music to curate playlists that create a high energy class. Her class will have you head banging while working up a sweat, leaving you better and stronger than before!

Jessica Briceno

Join Jess as you ride through sweat-soaked dance parties, incorporating a mixture of dance/electronic, hip-hop, and the occasional throwback bangers. You’ll work on endurance, strength-building, and rhythmic drills. You’ll be leaving class feeling energized, empowered, and wanting to come back for more! Singing & dancing is highly encouraged.

Mariah Fox

Mariah uses the power of loud music and personal motivation to transform your workout. With each pedal stroke, she’ll guide you through an exhilarating journey that pushes your limits and uplifts your spirit. She will inspire and drive you toward your fitness goals, ensuring you leave class feeling stronger and more empowered.

Casey Wolfe

Ready to party? Casey brings a contagious sense of community and a high-stoke mindset to all of her classes. With an eclectic playlist spanning frat basement bangers to Warped Tour-inspired pop punk tunes to top 40 hits and everything in between. Come join the party and leave fully ready for your day.

Miquela Shipley

Miquela teaches a high intensity, heat building class with an emphasis on proper form. She educates her students on the purpose of each movement while always offering modification and variations so that each student can benefit from any given movement. Her passion for music comes to life in each class with energizing and motivating playlists. You can always expect 2000s throwbacks, Latino and alternative dance/pop to get you movin’ and having fun. You’re guaranteed to leave class feeling empowered, strong and as always – sweaty.

Andrea Storo Black Orchid Yoga

Andrea, one of our in-house 200 Hour YTT graduates, incorporates body movement awareness with the traditional asanas into her practice. She combines the challenge with the calm all while jamming to a good playlist.

Tina Hackley Black Orchid Yoga
As an instructor, Tina values walking alongside others to watch them grow mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. In her classes, you’ll find that she sticks to the basics of a Vinyasa flow, and gives modifications so that even the newest of yogis can feel confident in their practice.
Mikaela Kynett Black Orchid Yoga

Bringing the perfect blend of hard work and energetic singing and dancing to every session, Mikaela is all about infusing fun into fitness. As your instructor, she will inspire you to push your limits while celebrating every milestone along the way. Together, you’ll sweat, laugh, and groove your way to success, leaving each session feeling proud of the progress you’ve made together.

Matias Gerbasi Black Orchid Yoga

After discovering a passion for teaching while in India completing his 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in December 2023, Matias immediately dove straight into our Black Orchid School of Cycle upon his return to the States. With his cycle classes filled with dubstep bangers and other EDM hits, Matias loves using the power and energy of bass to get your blood pumping and heart rate elevated. In a similar fashion, his power yoga

Emily Sperry Black Orchid Yoga

With a primary focus on Vinyasa, Emily’s teaching style is dedicated to fostering harmony between mind, body, and breath. Guided by vibey and modern playlists, her classes are designed to challenge and uplift, leading students to explore peak poses and unlock their inner strength both on and off the mat.

Kiya Loobey Black Orchid Yoga

Kiya’s classes focus on moving your body to the music while getting the most out of your full-body workout. You can expect a good mix of pop, rap and remixes! You will leave feeling stronger – mentally and physically.

Roxy Korell Black Orchid Yoga
Bringing a mix of rap, remixes and just general bangers, Roxy pushes riders to bring their A-game to every class. Through guided drills and encouraging instruction, you’re sure to leave feeling physically and mentally stronger!
Tyra Klein Black Orchid
Tyra’s classes are a fusion of rap, pop, dance, and 2000s throwbacks, creating an electrifying atmosphere. She loves a good heavy climb and fun – yet challenging – drills. Her goal is to remind you how capable you are and to leave her class feeling empowered and accomplished.
Madison Winters Black Orchid Yoga

Madison leads electric classes that focus on releasing the daily stressors and embracing the freedom of a heart-pumping, soul-freeing workout. Her classes offer a variety of music but generally focus on hip hop hits and throwbacks. Come ride with Madison and let loose, break a sweat and party it up – all while getting a great workout in.

Mackenzie Winters Black Orchid Yoga
Mackenzie, with a passion for fitness and delivering a challenging, rhythm driven ride, will have you working up a sweat and dancing on your bike – all at the same time. Whether it is your first class or you are a seasoned regular, she will guide you through an uplifting and intense class to leave you feeling your best – mentally and physically!
Elise Selter Black Orchid

Elise uses her travel experience to dive deeper into her teachings and help her students grow in their practice. Her yoga classes consist of traditional asanas with a touch of rowdy dynamic movements and, of course, bomb ass beats.

With a background in music and teaching barre, Ellen loves to fuse music to movement in her Shape classes.  You can expect a challenging, fast-paced workout that mixes cardio with yoga and weight work. Ellen’s classes are all about creating an environment that is fun, inspiring, and pushes you to your absolute limit! 

A fresh face in our cycle studio, Emmalise brings an impressive selection of pop, rap and remixes that will encourage and motivate you toward your best ride. She’s all about keeping the music loud and making sure every rider has a blast!

Cam, with an impressive background in instruments and vocals, loves to use music that gets students moving on the bike. In his classes, you can expect a wide-variety of music, ranging from pop and rap to rock and metal – anything that will hype you up for an amazing ride!

In her classes, Nicole enjoys teaching a diverse range of yoga styles, catering to the unique needs and preferences of her students. Her approach is centered around the spiritual aspects of yoga, with a particular interest in chakras and their profound effects on overall well-being. As an artist, she works with the interplay of light and color, creating an atmosphere that nurtures both body and soul in her classes. Building custom flows for her students challenges her creatively, and she finds satisfaction in crafting sequences that suit individual needs.

Katie Vanderloos Black Orchid Yoga

Katie – one of our owners – co-leads the Yoga Alliance certified in-house 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. She teaches a power vinyasa based class that will challenge your mind and your body. With a little bit of balance work, and a whole lot of core work, you will leave class feeling like you’ve been lengthened and strengthened.

Peter – one of our owners – is a staple in both the yoga studio and in the Arena. He is a senior master instructor with nearly 10,000 classes taught. He founded and leads the Black Orchid Cycle Teacher Training and co-leads the Yoga Alliance certified in-house 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. His classes are all musically driven and will consistently challenge you to reach your higher potential.

Hayley Carlson Black Orchid Yoga

Hayley – our operations and brand manager and one of our master trainers in the Arena – has been teaching with us since 2020. Her classes focus on working hard on the bike, while making sure that you’re activating the right muscles during each movement. Hayley incorporates a healthy mix of techno, hip hop, and remixes to keep you grinding on the bike.

Mercede Hittmeier Black Orchid Yoga

Mercede received her training and started teaching back in 2014 while living in New York City and working as a massage therapist. During those years of doing bodywork, she realized the importance of helping people stay physically strong and obtaining functional mobility. Therefore, her focus is all about strength.

Mercede teaches the barre, shape, and yoga classes which are all intense, upbeat, invigorating, and empowering. Her goal is to have you walk out of the hot room sweating, feeling every muscle in your body, gaining results efficiently, and ready to be physically confident in your daily movement!

With a vast background in dance, Teresa’s yoga classes focus on movement and flows that feel good in your body and calm your mind . Her cycle classes, however, bring in throwbacks and trap music with choreographed drills to get your body moving and sweating.

Taya is a Black Orchid OG – as she has been a part of the community since 2015. Her classes are built to challenge you – head, heart, and soul. Taya looks to help her students to succeed in building a foundation of a healthy lifestyle for their mind and body and keep them feeling good!

Stevie has a very extensive background in fitness – including cycle and personal training, as well as yoga. Her classes offer you a fun, creative, sequence flow while also being restorative. You can expect to get your entire body engaged if you’re on the mat with Stevie.

Chelsea Nelson Black Orchid Yoga

Chelsea was a dance instructor for over 15 years and has a background in singing, DJ-ing and performing, so her classes will have you feeling like you’re at a concert! Her music style includes dubstep, EDM, old school hip hop, and hard rock. You’re going to get hyped up and party while getting a challenging and fun workout!

As a student in Josh’s class, you can expect a lot of sprints and climbs. You can also expect to hear all of your favorite current bangers along with some of the best throwbacks. He is just as likely to rock out to Marshmello and Khalid, as he is Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake, or Shania Twain. Most importantly, he believes that this is the student’s class – so if you want to sing and let the music move you or sit in the back and just enjoy the ride, it’s up to you.

Susan started as a student at Black Orchid in 2019 but fell in love quickly with the community and instructors so took the leap and did her 200 hour YTT at Black Orchid in 2020, and joined the team in 2022. Her classes can be relatively traditional or eclectic – and sometimes even spicy.

Tanya has been a yoga instructor and educator since 2013. She has managed studios and led teacher trainings, but has always loved the energy in guiding a class. I teach multiple formats, but really enjoy an invigorating vinyasa or shape flow. I am a believer that seeking a perfect posture is not the purpose of yoga, but rather about peeling back all the layers of the practice. Getting into a long awaited posture is so rewarding, but the mental journey to get there is where the real work and growth occur. I love to see my students surprise themselves and hope to continue to hold a safe space for them to explore.

With her background in dance and gymnastics, she brings her love of body movement, body awareness and provides a structure for a full-body physical experience. All the while inviting space for a mental and spiritual practice. Arianna is a lover of live music, new experiences, community, and story telling – all of which she brings to her mat for her classes.

Rae’s class is a lighthearted exploration of new movement patterns in your body. She focuses on mobility exercises while moving through funky flows and peak poses. Rather than forcing ourselves into shapes, the goal is to tune-in and tailor the practice to suit each individual’s unique, magnificent self: whether you’re looking to take a sweet approach or perhaps make it a little spicy! Her hope is that you leave class feeling connected, with an appreciation for all the things that make you, YOU!

Megan Gibson Black Orchid Yoga

Megan’s classes are filled with heavy beats and remixed throwbacks. Expect combinations of fun choreography, fast beats, and heavy climbs. She will challenge you to pursue your goals on and off the bike and you’ll walk away from class feeling mentally and physically stronger.

Larissa (M.S., E-RYT) is passionate about helping people find their joyful movement. She has been teaching various modalities since 2013, from ballet barre classes to deep stretches, and connected with yoga specifically when she started making shapes to heavy metal music. Due to an extensive background in anatomy, she guides a very informed and alignment-based practice, as well as adding life advice about embracing your dark side into every class.

Erin’s yoga style is a blend of vinyasa flow, breathwork, hatha, and the 26&2 series, with an emphasis on how the movement on our mats allows us to mirror and shift from good intentions to whole hearted and soulful change. Her classes are designed to both uplift and ground you in your practice, increase lung capacity, strength and flexibility, and to find more balance between the human and divine parts of ourselves. Be prepared to sweat, laugh, and possibly shed a few tears.

Georganna Dees Black Orchid Yoga

George – our general manager and one of our master trainers in the Arena – has been an Arena staple since she first stepped up on that stage. Her classes are high energy, loud and will get you hyped up. If her drills and soundtrack don’t make you smile, her dances moves will definitely do the trick!

Kali’s classes focus on working hard and building your endurance. Catch her playing a variety of hip-hop and pop hits to get you sweating – and maybe even singing – on the bike!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced student, Marisa’s yoga class is an opportunity to reap the benefits of an integrated practice. In her full body, comprehensive class, you’ll have the opportunity to reconnect to yourself, center, and cultivate vitality in the body, breath, and mind.